Vic Mignogna Loses Court Appeals Regarding Compensation

There has been some updates regarding the court appeal for Vic Mignogna alleged defamation case. Court rulings and other information regarding the case have been put out and Vic is to pay a hefty fee as ruled out by the court.

Vic Mignogna Loses Court Appeals Regarding CompensationVictor Joseph Mignogna is a well-renowned English voice actor, famed mostly for his roles in dubbing Japanese anime, such as the voice of Edward Elric in the Fullmetal Alchemist, as well as voicing the well-known Broly from Dragon Ball. Recently, however, the studio that he used to work for, Funimation, has lead some investigations regarding his alleged predatory and pedophilia accusations. Funimation’s findings has since lead to Vic being fired from his occupation and he has since filed a defamation lawsuit in court.

The lawsuit was filed on April 18, 2019, and in the final judgement, the judge has ruled Mignogna to pay a total of US$238,042.42. The judge has also dismissed charges against Funimation regarding defamation and civil conspiracy has also been dropped. Another defendant of the case were fellow voice actors Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi, who have claimed to be victims of his past abuse, his charges against them have also been dismissed. It was also added that Mignogna must pay an additional US$587,500 if he wishes to appeal the case.

Court findings stating the appeal

Court findings stating the appeal

Just recently however, Mignogna has once again entered the court for a appeal of the 2019 case by Monica Rial and Ronald Toye. Rial and Toye were Vic’s former colleagues and were also part of the 2019 case. For the appeal, Rial and Toye stated that the previous verdict was not enough compensation for the legal fees and other expenses regarding the last case. 

The case has just concluded with Mignogna having to pay additional fees to the defendants. The court has also rejected all of Mignogna’s appeals and now he must pay the additional due fee to the defendants. In the previous case the judge had only ruled him to pay half of the fees for the defendants, which has lead the defendants to appeal the case.

SOURCE: The Final Judgement of the 2019 case, Thread for the 2022 Appeals Case

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