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Verdun conquers Xbox One players this March

This year, March 8 is going to be a special day not only because it is the International Women's Day.

Verdun conquers Xbox One players this March
After conquering the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms, the developers at M2H and Blackmill Games have decided that it is time for Verdun to release on Xbox One. This is a convenient decision, however, the released date they chose is rather peculiar. The great WW1 FPS will release on Xbox One on March 8! Yeah, you read it right. They decided to launch on the International Women's Day. Now that's a gift you can use for March 8!

The developers are also hyping up the launch by giving you a chance to win a free Xbox One key for Verdun. All you have to do is visit this page and share the news using one of the proposed social medias.

Here's your launch trailer, and don't mind the released date. The Xbox One launch is delayed, obviously.

Verdun Console Announcement trailer

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