Vaporum – news about this great looking dungeon crawler

New classic dungeon crawler is coming our way. But this time it's not a fantasy or sci-fi game but the rare steampunk genre! And the videos look amazing and creates very nice atmosphere...

Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Land of Lore, Ultima Underworld, Legend of Grimrock (1, 2) and many, many more games from our almost forgotten gaming history. If you like the game where you move by squares, solve riddles, puzzles, search for hidden doors, fight with enemies real time and choose the best skills and abilities for your heroes to finish the evil dungeon then you are at the right place :-).

Vaporum is this kind of game but what is refreshing it is all made in a steampunk genre. And what's more there is just one single character. Yes. No group. But one lonely hero. This way you can focus more on your core skills and fight for you own life and better empathize with your character.

You can find more details in the game's profile page here.

FatBot Studio recently started a blog where many news not just about the game development can be found. Because the development is quite demanding and new indie studio must have many issues and problems, new deal with an investor was made and as they say there are very happy with it and the time spent on the negotiation was well worth it.

The guys have moved to a brand new office and I hope that it looks better then one month ago :-).

Image title

What is also interesting they are rewriting everything from scratch with better fleshed out design and framework. Good to hear that the developers are really testing the game and if there is something bad and not usable it is trashed and new better game evolves.


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    Looks cool

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      Any news about this project?

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    It reminds me how I spent hundred hours with Ishar trilogy and other games. It’s great that more games like this are getting back on the market!


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