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Vanquish Slides onto Steam on May 25th

Slide, evade, and shoot in Vanquish when it comes to PC via Steam! The PlatinumGames critical darling sees a re-release on PC on May 25th.The PC release gives Vanquish a fresh coat of paint, with features such as unlocked framerate, 4K support, and increased graphical options.

Vanquish Slides onto PC on May 25th
PlatinumGames is known for releasing stellar games that sometimes don't get the success they deserve. Back in 2010, the team behind Bayonetta released Vanquish – a fast-paced third person shooter that managed to include many of the studio's hallmark features, such as evading. Though it did well critically, the game was unable to break one million copies in sales. Now they're getting a second chance, with Vanquish coming to Steam on May 25th! The release was announced with a trailer that details some of the new features.

Vanquish is available for pre-order now on Steam for $19.99.

Vanquish - PC Announcement Trailer

Last month, SEGA released Bayonetta to Steam with many of the same upgrades as Vanquish is promised to have. The PC release will come with 4K support, unlocked framerate, and increased graphical options. Many of PlatinumGames' titles are fast-paced, so the best part of this news is the unlocked framerate option. Vanquish will also be releasing with all the DLC that was available when it was on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Vanquish Slides onto Steam on May 25th - War has accelerated
Performance options aren't the only things coming along with a PC purchase of VanquishThe Digital Deluxe version (which is currently the only version available on PC, and possibly will be the only version available) comes a digital OST sampler, digital art book, wallpapers, and avatars. In addition, owners of Bayonetta on Steam will receive 25% off their purchase of VanquishThis discount only applies if you pre-order the game before May 25th, however, according to a tweet made by SEGA EU

PlatinumGames is getting noticed more and more, thanks to re-releases of their hits to PC, as well as the success of Nier: Automataalso available on Steam, and frankly it's well deserved. 

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