Valve’s Artifact Reboot Enters 2.0 Beta, Sign-Up Available

Artifact's 2.0 reboot is about to kick off and Valve is looking for players to help them test out the game. A sign-up page is now available and players who previously purchased the original game will be given priority access to this beta phase.

Valve’s Artifact Reboot Enters 2.0 Beta, Sign-Up Available

Back in 2018, Valve’s digital card game Artifact didn’t exactly turn out as they had hoped after the game went live. With a 75% back-to-back drop in its player base after the first month, things were looking very dire for the longevity of the title.

However, earlier this year, Valve announced that they would be rebooting Artifact and with that, a beta phase was to begin shortly. Those interested in checking it out are now able to sign up to test the game, where priority will be given to people previously purchased the original.

Some FAQ’s about the beta period have been detailed, with developers focusing on testing gameplay, balance, hero identity, color identity, social features, card unlocks, ranked play, replays, spectating and the campaign.

Previously, Artifact was criticized for being too complicated and confusing with its three lane play area – a staple of the Dota franchise, which Artifact is based off. On top of that, the economic model used for players to attain cards was poorly managed and unfair. Eventually this lead to an average player-base of around 200 people, mere months after its initial release.

The Artifact 2.0 beta sign up is available now.

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