Valve Replacing Steam Greenlit with Steam Direct

The current system of releasing games on Steam, called Steam Greenlit is soon to be replaced by an admission fee-based structure touted as Steam Direct by Valve, the owners of the digital distribution service.
Valve Replacing Steam Greenlit with Steam Direct.
In a recent post on the Steam Blog, Alden Kroll said that Steam Greenlit would be replaced by a fee-based service.
The service, called Steam Direct, is touted for an official release in Spring 2017 and will serve as the new system for developers to get their games listed on Steam.

Valve has contacted other developers about suggestions regarding the acceptable fee amount for this service, and the response has ranged from $100 to $5000.
The reaction to this news has been varied, with supporters saying that this system would free up the traffic of games on Steam and allow for more quality content to get approved. Meanwhile, detractors argue that a fee-based structure will discourage a large portion of indie developers from releasing their games through this service.


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    Small developers often make great games. That is why I am sad that steam greenlight is ending. There have been great one developer teams with a very small budget that make great games and now they will have to find other methods of distributing their games.

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      True, but if perhaps the entry fee isn’t very high then it might just become a non-issue. Still sucks that one of the biggest indie gaming markets has to do this though.


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