Valve Remove ‘200’ Fake Games from Steam

As of September 26th, 2017, Valve removed almost 200 games developed by Silicon Echo Studios. Silicon's games have been heavily criticised by Steam users and accused of being asset-flip shovelware. This comes as Valve's latest effort in its attempt to combat the recent flood of low-quality games plaguing the Steam storefront.

Valve remove under 200 fake games on Steam
In total, the number of games Valve removed from Steam total 173 with every one of them reportedly being an asset flip made from assets from the Unity Engine store. By using these assets, Silicon Studios was able to churn out a vast quantity of games with minimal effort, this development comes due to Valve wanting to tidy up the Steam interface.

The games made up 10% of Steam's uploaded games in July and August at 86 concurrent titles. These games were often given away in free or low-cost bundles, a practice Valve has publically condemned in the past. 

In an interview with Polygon, Valve confirmed that it removed all games by Silicon Echo Studios and all its subsidiaries. 

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