Valve has removed Digital Homicide’s games from Steam

The developer's games have been removed in response to the company's suit of 100 anonymous users for comments made about the company and its games on the platform.

Valve has removed Digital Homicide's games from Steam
Valve has removed developer Digital Homicide's games from Steam after it was discovered that the developer would be suing 100 anonymous users for $18 million in response to comments those users had made about the company and its games on the platform.

As evidenced by Twitter user lashman and a quick search on the service, any one of the games listed below cannot be found, though if you had already bought them or have purchased keys from somewhere else you can still install and play the games.

Evidence provided by Twitter user lashman of Valve's removal of Digital Homicide games from Steam
In addition, the developer's Steam Greenlight titles have also been removed, leaving the company's only trace left being their community group, which is currently under assault with hateful commenting.

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