Valkyria Chronicles 4 Free Demo Now Available to Play

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is hitting all the major consoles as well as the PC on September 25th. Sega's cult series is a unique mix of strategy RPG and 3rd person shooter. For those new to the series or curious what changes will be in the 4th installment, a demo is now available on all the major consoles via download in the digital stores.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Free Demo Now Available to Play
Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be released in the west on September 25th for Nintendo switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There is a demo currently available for the home consoles which allows players to play through the first two chapters of the game–about two hours of gameplay–and that data can be carried to the final version. If you plan on playing the demo, be sure to upgrade wisely and not let characters die if you wish to carry over data later.

Valkyria Chronicles originally released on the PS3 and saw a couple handheld sequels, as well as a remaster for the PS4. The series is famous for having a deep plot with emotional depth and meaningful character development as well as a unique blend of strategy RPG and 3rd person shooter mechanics. Players move characters around freely until that characters movement meter drains. Enemy soldiers will actively fire upon the player if they move into the opponent's line of sight. Once stopping, the player can fire upon the enemy or choose a different command. Depending on who is in combat, and what moves you make, both the player and A.I will have a certain amount of character moves per turn (dubbed CP). The combination of the two sets the series apart and makes for a whole new take on strategy in both genres.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will take place in the same timeframe as the original game but will feature an entirely new cast of characters as well as a new class, the grenadier. The "Brace System" is also new and upgrades characters abilities if an allied soldier is killed or fatally wounded. The second and third games came out for the PSP but targeted a Japanese audience; the 4th game in the series will be grounded more in military settings and real-life characters and heroes, hopefully making it appeal more to a global audience.

The demo can currently be downloaded digitally on the digital stores, and it will bridge the gap for those eagerly awaiting the release of the full game in just month and a half. 

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