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Recent Valheim Steam Database Update Could Be Hinting a Mac Port

A recent Steam Database update for Valheim could suggest a probable Mac port for the game. If true, will this show the Macintosh's capability as a gaming platform and further expand the game's already massive player base? Meanwhile, the next major update to Valheim is already confirmed to be in the works.

Valheim Recent Steam Database Update Could Be Hinting a Mac Port Cover

A recent update to Valheim’s Steam database information could be a telltale sign that the popular survival MMO is being set for a Macintosh port.

On March 11th, a list of new files appeared from the third-party platform, potentially signaling future updates to the game. Most conspicuously, the fresh contents include a folder labelled “osx”. Which, to any computer enthusiast, would be a reference to Apple’s computer OS.

If true, that would be interesting news to those seeking to experience one of Steam’s recent hits with Mac. The very same title that currently sees a massive player base from both Windows and Linux. Mac, for its part, has been trying to incorporate gaming in its list of functionalities, despite the inherent hardware limitations.

It is worth noting that despite potential proof, nothing is official about the notion just yet. What is, however, is the game’s upcoming major update, the Hearth and Home, which seems to be occupying the attention of Iron Gates Studio.

Valheim - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Valheim’s rise to popularity is one that was unforeseen by many. With a presentation that looks out-of-date by today’s standards, the game’s appeal undeniably boils down to its engaging gameplay mechanics. One that puts players in the shoes of a Viking, trying to explore and survive the wild. All the while inhabited by creatures both fierce and deadly.

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