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Valheim Has Now Sold Over 4 Million Copies

Wow, that's a lot of Vikings! Valheim smashes another record as it has now sold over 4 million times. The hit indie game continues to storm the Steam store, attracting more and more players and solidifying itself as one of the biggest titles of 2021.

Valheim Has Now Sold Over 4 Million Copies Cover

Who would have thought that an Early Access survival game will be one of the most talked-about titles of 2021? Released less than a month ago, the hit indie game Valheim continues to turn heads, claim records and overall capture the hearts of gamers. More than four million of them, to be precise. The developer shared these impressive stats in a recent post:

Though it was released without much fanfare, Valheim quickly got the attention of gamers. While “a Survival RPG set in a procedurally generated world” does not sound overly exciting (or original), it is how the game handles those topics that impressed the community. Sporting charming graphics, survival mechanics that actually benefit the experience, an intriguing procedural world to explore and much more, it offered a lot for its asking price right off the start. In fact, Valheim was able to sell one million copies in a week.

It turned out that this was just the start, as the game has been selling around a million copies each week, reaching this new record. The Early Access title has also climbed the Steam Concurrent players charts, reaching half a million players.

Developer Iron Gate confirmed earlier that they are looking to expand their team following the game’s smashing success. With a solid road map already planned for the rest of the year, things are looking great for both the team as well as for all the Vikings exploring this enticing mystical world.

Valheim Early Access Launch Trailer

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