V Rising’s Update Adds Offline Mode and LAN play

Steam's newly released vampire survival game V Rising just got an offline mode and LAN play as part of their latest update. V rising has garnered recent fame due to it's early access release, and now it adds a much needed update to the surprise of many.

V rising offline and LAN updateV Rising was a new early access release that came out on steam. It was praised for it’s gameplay and mechanics and how it fits those in a multiplayer setting. Now, it just got a new update that shocked many and showed how much the developers care about their project. Here are the patch notes

The update is about a newly added offline mode which did not exist before due to V Rising being an always online game. That all changed when the update finally dropped that allowed players to play the game without the need to be connected. Along with that, it also adds a feature that slowly gets rarer with time, LAN (Local Area Network) play. To see that feature in games are rare nowadays and now seeing it in V rising made a lot of people happy. Since it means that people can finally play with their friends on dedicated networks.

Many players are also happy for this change because of what it does for the game’s long term. If a game is stuck as an always online title it limit’s its play in the long run. Always online games will be unplayable during the day the servers are shut down. But now, even in decades after servers shut down for V Rising, it’ll still be playable.

Being offline also allows players to not be interrupted during server maintenance and other online problems. LAN play can also be of use to players who play with people they live together with. Offline is also good for solo players who now won’t be hindered by lag or net code issues as they can run their own private servers offline.

There are some problems with this approach however, piracy. Now that you no longer need server access, the game can finally be pirated. Since before, the online authentication acted as a barrier for piracy as pirated content can’t go online. With that removed, pirate’s can now access the game as they please with the only limit being the removal of online play apart from LAN.

Overall however, it was a much needed update and the fans couldn’t be more stoked. This just shows that the game developers are on the right track and want to improve the game. Multiplayer still plays a big part in the game and pirates having no access to that might make them buy the game too. V Rising shows real promise and even more so now with it’s updates. Hopes are high for this title.


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