Utopia No.8: The Upcoming Social MMORPG

Taiwanese game development company Happy Tomato has announced their latest social MMORPG for PC and smartphones currently in the works, Utopia No.8. Alpha testing for the game will begin in June 2023 with early access beginning in November of the same year.

Utopia No.8: The Upcoming Social MMORPGUtopia No.8 is a new social simulator game developed in Unreal Engine that will launch in the near future for Android, iOS, and PC via Steam. The game revolves around a group called the Utokers who migrate to a beautiful undiscovered planet 8 million light-years away from earth called UTO8. Players will take on the role of a settler in this new world and explore the planet, collect resources, and build a community filled with homes, stores, amusement parks, resorts and anything else their creativity allows.

Utopia No.8 is jam-packed with features that really highlight the social aspect of the game. It already boasts a vast character customization system so extensive players can even design their own clothing and accessories from scratch, and has many ways players from all over the world will be able to interact with each other. These features include audio and video chat rooms, a variety of game rooms, and even karaoke.

Utopia No.8 - A Planet Where Your Dream Comes To Life!

In regards to solo play, Utopia No.8 will include common life sim activities such as farming, fishing, mining, cooking, animal breeding, and pet raising. All of these features come with in-depth systems guaranteed to keep players entertained for hours.

There is no official release date for Utopia No.8 as of now. However, according to the game’s roadmap, Alpha Testing will begin later this year with an early access release to follow. Potential players already interested can join the official discord, or simply stay tuned, as future updates will be posted as soon as they’re available.

 Source: Utopia No.8 Official Website

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