Use Gold Points To Buy Digital Nintendo Switch Games

After a year, you can finally see some returns on your purchases and use Gold Points to fund eShop purchases on the Nintendo Switch.

Use Gold Points To Buy Digital Nintendo Switch Games
About a year after the release of the Nintendo Switch, you can finally use Gold Points to buy games digitally from the eShop. Gold Points are collected from Nintendo Switch purchases, so the money you spend now has a return an offers an opportunity to save up for other games. Oddly enough, Nintendo offers a higher return rate off digital games than physical copies. Digital games will net you 5% of their retail value while physical copies will only return 1% of their value. Though only speculation, it could be due to how easy it is to access the eShop and make purchases compared to physical releases.

To put this in terms of a full release game a $59.99 game will offer about $3.00 back with a digital purchase and about $1.00 with a physical purchase. It's also worth noting that the points will expire a year after purchase. This means it will be hard to save up enough points to buy many games, but it's a great incentive to purchase games on the Switch. Points can also be used to discount purchases and can be used alongside your wallet for a discount.

Nintendo is racking a number of affordable indie titles that could be worth saving for. How many points have you collected and what are you looking forward to buying with them? 

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