Upcoming Visual Novel The Silver Case New Intro Trailer

The Silver Case new intro trailer brings a new air of suspense to the Visual Novel genre. The game which already released continues to be advertised.

Upcoming Visual Novel The Silver Case New Intro Trailer
Adventure Visual novel videogame, The Silver Case, that released on PS4 on April 18th, 2017 and on PC on October of 2016 has just gotten a new intro trailer released on youtube by NIS America. Although this game has already released it's never too late to check out the game ever made by famed Japanese developer SUDA51.

The Silver Case is based on a series of bizarre murders that take place in contemporary Japan and how two distinguished detectives step in order to unravel the intricate mysteries that await. It's text-heavy as part of the visual novel genre but includes some point and click mechanics similar in some way to the Dangaronpa and Phoenix Wright franchises. The game is currently standing on a 67 metacritic average but due to the sheer lack of entries from the genre in the West it may be worth checking out for visual novel fans.

Feel free to check out the intro trailer just below:

The Silver Case - Intro Trailer (PS4)

What do you think about this visual novel from SUDA51? Share your thoughts below.

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