Upcoming PlayStation Experience And What To Expect

This year’s PlayStation Experience will the be the fourth in Sony’s annual presentation. Those who have tuned in to watch the experience in the past will know that it’s fairer to call this event more of a presentation than a showcase. That said, plenty of cool stuff can still be expected.

Upcoming PlayStation Experience And What To Expect
On a recent post over at the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman, Director of SIEA confirmed dates and locations for our fourth PSX. It will be returning to the Anaheim Convention Centre in California, running from December 8th to December 10th. If you’re in that part of the world it’s definitely not too late to grab a ticket if you’re interested.

We can expect demonstrations on the next wave of unreleased PS4 and PSVR games that have been announced this year. Don’t go tutting and rolling your eyes just yet, though! While a full list of titles has not yet been finalised, Shuman confirms that we can expect to see some details on Media Molecule’s Dreams. This is a big deal as Dreams has been very quiet on the radar for the last few years. So it will be interesting to see what the Little Big Planet Devs have cooked up for us. 

Upcoming PlayStation Experience And What To Expect - Dreams
We also have Ghost of Tsushima confirmed to make a second experience as we learn a little more about what gameplay to expect. The Samurai open world game, developed by Sucker Punch was one of the biggest surprises of last week’s Paris Games Week. With PSX just around the corner, the timing will be just right for us Samurai lovers to learn a bit more about this epic looking game.

Upcoming PlayStation Experience And What To Expect - Ghost of Tsushima
The initial presentation will stream live from PSX at 8pm PT and 4am GMT.

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