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Untitled Goose Game Steals #1 Spot in Switch eShop Sales

It steals rakes, it hijacks technology, and now this goose has usurped The Legend of Zelda. Untitled Goose Game is currently the #1 selling game on the Nintendo Switch eShop, overtaking Link's Awakening in digital sales. Considering the legendary Nintendo franchise's status, this is quite the feat.

Untitled Goose Game Steals #1 Spot in Switch eShop Sales

With the arrival of yet another Legend of Zelda title and the eve of the holiday season, Nintendo looks set to have a splendid end-of-year push. What they may not have expected was a silly indie hit helping them even further. Untitled Goose Game, which has become an internet phenomenon since its release two weeks ago, has stolen the #1 spot on the Nintendo Switch eShop, cementing its popularity. What makes this all the more impressive is its nearest competition: the newly-released Link’s Awakening.

Taking the form of a lone goose, Untitled Goose Game allows the player to be a general nuisance to a small village of people. Stealing their items, scaring them with honks, making their lives miserable; a sandbox game that allows players to live out their demonic goose fantasies. With AAA publishers constantly aiming for higher, Untitled Goose Game provides accessible, immersive experience through a bare-bones premise.

Since its release, the new #1 hit Untitled Goose Game has been covered by a number of prominent gaming Youtubers, such as Videogamedunkey, Pewdiepie, Vinesauce, and Jacksepticeye. Large swarms of Untitled Goose Game memes have also surfaced across various reaches of the internet. With such a simple and random premise, it may have been easy to predict this game’s meme-able quality. Said quality is likely a factor to its surging popularity.

Untitled Goose Game is available on Nintendo Switch for $19.99, and is 25% off at the time of this writing. A Steam port of the game is slated to be released sometime in 2020.

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