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Until Dawn Developers discuss why we haven’t seen a sequel

Until Dawn, released back in 2014, hasn't seen a sequel despite critical acclaim. The team knew of the demand for one, but why haven't we seen a sequel to the PS4 sleeper hit?
Until Dawn Developers Discuss Why We Haven't Seen a Sequel

Until Dawn Developers Discuss Why We Haven’t Seen a Sequel

Released back in 2014, Until Dawn remains one of the more popular and beloved exclusives in the PS4’s library. The game took the interactive-drama template that developers Quantic Dream has become so well known for and told a tongue-in-cheek teen-slasher tale in the vein of films like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream. It paid off and has since received positive reviews and became a sleeper hit. 

After so much critical acclaim, you’d think that the studio would have already cranked out a sequel. We have seen a PSVR spin-off, Rush of Blood, and a prequel, The Inpatient, also released for PSVR. However, both titles weren’t exactly what fans were looking for, and neither received the same critical acclaim that the original had. So, what gives? Why haven’t we seen a sequel?

While visiting Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn, for their upcoming game, Man of Medan, Game Informer asked the studio why we haven’t seen a sequel. CEO and executive producer, Pete Samuels, told the website that they knew of the demand for a sequel of Until Dawn, but they “didn’t want to go for the obvious sequel with its next big venture.”

“After Until Dawn, [many] started to request a sequel, and it still happens today, so we know there is a fanbase that likes this kind of thing,” says Samuels. “A lot of [creating the anthology] is about our desire to serve that fanbase from our perspective and to serve us ourselves in what we love to do, which is do more stories and characters, and do it more frequently than one or two every few years.”

The team also “wanted a clean slate and felt an anthology of standalone games would offer them more creative freedom.” The developer says that The Dark Pictures anthology will feature five different games that will all focus on different subgenres of horror.

“On an anthology, it’s a great opportunity to wrestle with a new subject, a new genre, and with characters that you can develop specifically for that story. You’re not tied to historical characters that you have to use,” says game director Tom Heaton.

Series producer Dan McDonald added the following:

“If we were making sequels, we don’t know who survived. I mean we could probably work it out from your game save, but we don’t want to make a sequel to that. We want to make a different story with different people.”

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