Universes Collide in Spider-man: No Way Home Trailer

The Spider-man: No Way Home trailer has finally dropped and it's a lot to take in. As is the way with Marvel trailers it features plenty of action and some great visuals. However, the three-minute trailer also packs in a lot of surprises. Ones that will have fans both confused and excited about what's to come.

Universes Collide in Spiderman: No Way Home Trailer CoverMarvel Studios have finally dropped the Spider-man: No Way Home Trailer, sending fans into a state of madness in the process. While the trailer was seemingly leaked in the past couple of days, Marvel chose to drop the official clip today. The three-minute trailer is completely jammed-packed and raises many questions for fans. Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the initial takeaways from the trailer. 

Doctor Strange will be central to the film

While it was reported early in development that Benedict Cumberbatch would feature in the film, the trailer reveals just how pivotal he will be to the plot. in the trailer, we see Tom Holland’s Spider-man approach the sorcerer with a request. Erase the world’s knowledge that Peter Parker is Spider-man. Information that was leaked to the world at the end of the last Spider-man film, Far From Home

Doctor Strange agrees to help Peter but during the spell, something clearly goes wrong. After the spell is completed, Doctor Strange can be heard explains the repercussion of their actions.

“We’ve tampered with the stability of space and time. Multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little.” – Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange will be key to the narrative of Spiderman

Doctor Strange will be key to the narrative of Spiderman

What follows can only be described as complete and utter chaos. A barrage of unique and mind-boggling visualizations that fans of the original Doctor Strange film will recognize. Therefore, will this film will certainly be a Spider-man film, it’s now become clear Doctor Strange will be a main player as well.

Trailer Teases a Multiverse of Villains 

This film is lining up to have more stars and Spider-man characters than in the sky above. Months of speculation have had fans excited at the prospect of previous Spider-man villains and heroes appearing in this film. And if this trailer is anything to go by, some of that speculation might well and truly be a reality.

In the last 30 seconds of the trailer, Marvel teases the return of multiple villains from previous Sony Spider-man films. One scene from the trailer shows Tom Holland in a brand new suit, surrounded by black smoke with lightning being shot in his direction. This could be the return of Jamie Foxx’s Electro. Just after this, a grenade is shown rolling across a bridge.

Fans will recognise this as signature weapon of famous villain The Green Goblin

Fans will recognise this as the signature weapon of famous villain The Green Goblin

Spiderman fans will recognise this as a pumpkin bomb, a tool commonly used by the Green Goblin. As the bomb rolls into frame, listening can hear the light laughter of what no doubt sounds like the character. 

Doctor Octopus is officially back 

While these teases seemed like a lot to include in a trailer, Marvel saved the best for last. In the finals seconds of the trailer, familiar-looking titanium-steel tentacles rise into frame. From there, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus emerges, uttering, ‘hello Peter’, before the trailer ends. Not only does this confirm that characters from Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy will be returning, but it also reveals that characters who were presumed to be dead may also make an appearance. As is the case for Doctor Octopus, whose last appearance saw him sacrificing himself at the end of Spider-man 2.

Alfred Molina returns as Doctor Octopus

Alfred Molina returns as Doctor Octopus

However, there was one thing that the trailer clearly excluded. While a plethora of old villains was teased, nothing was mentioned about the possible appearance of old versions of Spider-man. Despite Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire still not being confirmed to be in the film, the inclusions of villains such as Doctor Octopus and Electro have MCU fans hoping for appearances from Garfield and McGuire. For now, though, fans can bask in the excitement that fan favourite villains will be battling it out against Tom Holland’s Spider-man. However, time will tell if he’ll be joined by some older web-slingers as well.

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Teaser Trailer


Spider-man: No Way Home is set to hit theatres on December 17th.

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