United Empire now Available in Endless Space 2

While they're certainly no strangers to the Endless Space universe, The United Empire has returned for its latest installment of the award winning franchise from Amplitude Studios with a fresh look and an iron will to compete for control of the galaxy.

United Empire now Available in Endless Space 2
Have you ever looked at a game and said 'yea no, this is good but we need more of a Soviet Union in space aesthetic.' Because if you have, then Endless Space is the right game for you. Or rather, Endless Space 2 is the game for you. Ruthless but efficient, it is skilled in both commerce and combat and is a fan favorite from the first Endless Space game that has come to find a comfortable home in the sequel.

Apart of a free update, The United Empire is an absolute monarchy led by the Glorious and stylish Emperor Maximilian Zelevas (seen above). What he brings to the table that no other ruler does in Endless Space 2 is  the faction ability Emperors Will, which lets the United Empire use Influence to buy Technologies, Constructions and items on the Marketplace. Not only that, but it lets you generate Influence for each Construction.

Announced Mid-2015, Endless Space 2 is still in Early Access on Steam (a long-standing preference on Amplitude Studios part) so that players can fiddle with the game and make sure its up to their liking in accordance with Amplitude Studios philosophy of including the player at every stage. The United Empire came apart of a major update, which includes a whole host of changes like opening up the Mercenary part of the Marketplace and allowing players to assimilate minor factions like the Hissho, perfect for the industrial expansion play style that The United Empire seems to prefer. 

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