Underworld Dreams is Coming Soon To Switch and PC

Delve into the bowls of an old, abandoned church as you search for answers to the fate of your brother. Underworld Dreams: The False King is coming to Switch and PC sometime this spring. Inspired by HP Lovecraft, the old-school horror adventure will be haunting players soon.

Underworld Dreams is Coming Soon To Switch and PC

One-man dev studio, Drop of Pixel, and Skystone Games are bringing old-school terror adventure, Underworld Dreams: The False King, to Switch and PC. The scares will begin starting sometime this spring. In addition to arriving on the Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring, it will also launch on PC via Steam and the Epic Games store. Underworld Dreams: The False King is being built from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch. According to the press release, an exclusive demo will arrive sometime in the coming weeks.

The horror-filled adventure takes place in the 1980s as ancient forces haunt an old, abandoned church. The game is based on the work of HP Lovecraft, as well as The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. Underworld Dreams: The False King starts off the upcoming anthology, Underworld Dreams for Switch and PC. It will join a few other classic horror games on the Switch, such as the Resident Evil series.

Underworld Dreams The False King - Switch Trailer

Like many games in the genre, Underworld Dreams forces players to manage limited resources like ammo. You’ll need to keep watch for various monstrosities as you solve puzzles and seek to uncover the fate of your brother. Along the way, you’ll also unearth the dark secrets of the abandoned church. You are up against an evil that has existed longer than humanity, so the odds are not in your favor.


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