Underworld Ascendant – KS campaign has started

Underworld Ascendant - KS campaign has started. Do you remember Ultima Underworld???

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Did you play Ultima Underworld in 1992? I did. And I still have vivid memories when I started the game and appeared in the kingdom in the underground and my great adventure has just began. Hours and hours of playing and trying to get through many locations or killing monster after monster was something that was really unique. And the teleporting crystal was motivating me all the time because I wanted to know what is behind every part of the teleport.

If you have missed this masterpiece or were just too young don't worry. Team behind the original product wants to make it live again. You can visit Kickstarter page to support them.

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People in the OtherSide Entertainment studio are not known only for Ultima. But there are guys who were working on System Shock, Thief, Deus Ex,GEX, Neverwinter Nights, Dishonored, Metal of Honor, Uncharted, Last of Us, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and BioShock Infinite. If these are not true pearls from the past then you must be living in a strange world. Because every single title was remarkable. 

Right now 2,101 backers have pledged $143,069 with 29 days left. From this success there remains only one question. How many stretch goals will be met? The last one presented is for $1,200,000 and I think that the studio will get even more money than "just" 1,2M. That's why you will be able to play the game even in Co-Op mode!

There is a lot of information written on Kickstarter but the core mechanics is clear. The game will be changing, three factions will be fighting each other, you will have the opportunity to build your own class from three archetypes and the freedom to choose your own path, skills, spells and everything what makes the game a true sandbox will be included.

 Watch the official trailer with some explanations what's behind the project:

Underworld Ascendant first trailer for spiritual Ultima Underworld sequel

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