Underworld Ascendant – Improvisation Engine?

Underworld Ascendant - Improvisation Engine. What is it about?

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At the moment of writing the article, Underworld Ascendant pledged $468,906 of $600,000 goal. With 15 days left it is safe to expect successful KS campaign. Maybe not with higher pledged goals but OtherSide Entertainment studio should get enough money to make the game done.

And to attract more fans and get more money you can watch what is the Improvisation System in the game and how it should work. It is not very detailed and mostly just words about something which is vague and hard to imagine how the whole system will be created without any flaws or possible exploits. But let's be positive. The game is not even fully pledged :-).

Watch the new video:

Underworld Ascendant's Improvisation System

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