Ultra Instinct Goku & Kefla Trailer Revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragonball FighterZ brings the strongest warriors in the known multiverse together to lock fists over shiny locks of hair. Bandai Namco released new information on FighterZ Pass 3, the third season pass from Arc System Works’ high-action 3-on-3 fighting game. The trailer shows off a moderate amount of gameplay including some huge special moves, but who exactly are the new characters?

Ultra Instinct Goku & Kefla Trailer Revealed for Dragonball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ brings together a varied roster of plucky humans like Krillin & Yamcha, domineering robots like Android 16 & Cell, deity-like beings like Beerus & Broly, and everything in between. FighterZ Pass 3 adds Ultra Instinct Goku and Kefla to the 2D Dragon Ball game as a DLC characters. “Ultra Instinct” is seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime series – currently the highest-known level of power where the fighter’s mind is cleared, allowing the body to act and react more intuitively.

Kefla also makes her debut to the game, who is the fused form of two other characters from Dragon Ball Super, Kale and Caulifla. In the anime, the two separate characters are female saiyans from Universe 6, which is a twin universe of Universe 7 (where the majority of the Dragon Ball series’ storyline takes place). In Universe 6, Earth has been destroyed, while the saiyan world was not, allowing Kale and Caulifla live as part of a gang. While battling Goku, the two combined together to become Kefla by wearing the Potara earrings (which have the power to fuse two individuals). Once created, Kefla became one of the strongest beings in the show, only being bested by Ultra Instinct Goku.

FighterZ Pass 3 will also bring the Z Assist Select to the game, allowing players to pick a specific assist attack for a tagged-in fighter, ideally increasing the combo potential for the already dense yet competent fighting game. Despite this update bringing a 6th version of the same character (Goku), fans can still enjoy these new additions and eagerly await three more characters expected to join Dragon Ball FighterZ in the coming months. Kefla releases on Feb 28th while Ultra Instinct Goku follows in Spring 2020.

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