Ultimate Sackboy: The New Endless Runner Game Coming to Mobile Is Set to Release February 21

Little Big Planet’s Sackboy is coming to mobile in a new endless runner game where he’ll take on the most esteemed obstacle racing tournament in all of Craftworld, the Ultimate Games. Ultimate Sackboy will be released February 21, 2023.

Ultimate Sackboy: The New Endless Runner Game Coming to Mobile Is Set to Release February 21Ultimate Sackboy is the newest edition to the Little Big Planet franchise. The game is a free-to-play endless runner coming to both Android and iOS devices. Ultimate Sackboy was developed by Exient Entertainment in collaboration with PlayStation Studios. Players will be able to play as the iconic hero Sackboy as he participates in the legendary Ultimate Games. This super competitive runner challenge is reminiscent of games like Temple Run or Subway Surfer. Users will be jumping, sliding, dodging and weaving around the craziest obstacles, as well as battle familiar enemies alongside their rivals in order to unlock tiers, explore new racetracks, and win special prizes.

The game will also include other features like daily quests, head-to-head dueling, marathon events, and a wide, ever-growing catalog of cosmetics and gear. There will be “thousands” of clothing combinations to upgrade and unlock, with new options being added to the game over time. Take a glimpse of what to look forward to in the trailer below.

Ultimate Sackboy - Trailer

Ultimate Sackboy will release next month, February 21, on both iOS and Android. Preregistration has been made available, so to the fans already looking forward to playing, you can register on the App Store and Google Play store today.

Source: Exient Official Ultimate Sackboy Mobile Release Announcement

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