Ubisoft shows off The Division’s Survival Mode

The Division really was a hyped up game and, after an average launch and a slow fade into the unfortunately realms of forgetfulness, it appears that Ubisoft has decided to add something that could really reinvigorate the game: Survival Mode. Will you be plunging into the cold streets of New York?

Ubisoft shows off The Division's Survival Mode
The Division was one of Ubisoft's long awaited projects, but unfortunately suffered an average launch. It seems that the developers aren't keen to let this game die though, and are adding one of the biggest updates the game has seen yet.

Ubisoft recently announced the development of a survival mode for The Division to great response. After this announcement, the developers have released a trailer showcasing the new expansion. The Survival genre, after the success of Day-Z and Minecraft, has become somewhat drawn out, but it seems this update might have just enough unique features to make it stand out in the already crowded genre.

The trailer itself has something of a survival-horror atmosphere. Cold, hunger, thirst, and disease will all play key roles, giving use to previously useless cosmetic items such as scarfs and hats to keep yourself warm, and also creating a fine balance between pushing forward to the objective, and resting to ensure your survival in the harsh blizzard enveloping New York.

There appears to also be an antagonist role. Whilst fighting against the elements, there is something of a heavy soldier that seems to be hunting down your group. Whether this is AI controlled or if a player takes the reigns is yet to be seen, but the trailer sure makes an astounding first impression, and may just be enough to revive a game that has faded into obscurity as of late.

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    Nice, I havn’t got the game yet as I was waiting for something like this to release for it. I will get to play The Division how I always thought it would be played


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