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Ubisoft says sorry with special For Honor event

A recent server outage at Ubisoft made their latest release, For Honor, inaccessible to its many fans. Ubisoft felt the outrage of their players after the game was offline for a full weekend and now look to make nice.

Ubisoft says sorry with special For Honor event
From the moment I saw the first teasers of For Honor, I knew I wanted, no needed, to play this game. This sentiment was shared by many a gamer and as could be expected, when the open beta was released a few weeks ago the gaming world went crazy.

The primary complaint during the open beta weekend was that of network issues. Since this is an online only game, server stability is key and players will not stand for any drunk servers that fall over every time it hits a speed wobble. The weekend passed a little shaky but the overall impression For Honor left on the gaming community was a memorable one in the best possible sense.

Fast forward a few weeks and the game was launched successfully with the server issues seemingly resolved, or were they. This past weekend proved that this was not the case since players were unable to access their favorite warrior killing simulator for nearly the entire weekend. A weekend with less bloodshed and fewer decapitations would seem to be a good thing but geeks all over the world disagree, and their rage has been felt.

Ubisoft has owned up to the problem and came back to their supporters bearing gifts. See the below blog post from the powers that be at Ubisoft.

"Hello warriors, due to a global Ubisoft online outage this past weekend affecting many games including For Honor, many of you were unable to access the battleground. "Because of this we’re granting everybody who played For Honor between Feb 13 and Feb 26 at 2:00am EST a 3-Day Champion status this coming weekend (March 3-5), for all platforms."

What does this "champion status" entail you may ask? Quite a bit as it turns out. After each match players with this status will receive an additional 25% XP boost along with additional loot and another 10% boost for the Champion's team members. Players will also receive extra salvage when dismantling gear, an exclusive Champion icon, and three Champion emblems. As if that wasn't enough, players will also be awarded double the amount of steel when playing, which of course is For Honor's in-game currency.

Server outages are never good but Ubisoft has taken this opportunity to prove that they are devoted to their fans. Let's hope software developers all round take note.

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