Ubisoft Recruits Urban Explorer for Rainbow Six Extraction Promo

Ubisoft enlisted YouTube channel Exploring With Josh and its urban explorer creator to make a Rainbow Six Extraction short film. Both game and video revolve around the infectious alien parasite and successful extraction of allied MIA operators.

Ubisoft Recruits Urban Explorer for Rainbow Six Extraction Promo cover

Ubisoft has sponsored an urban explorer’s Rainbow Six Extraction short film, published on the YouTube channel “Exploring With Josh.” YouTubers like Josh (whose last name seems to be an Internet mystery) often venture through locations like deserted mansions, hospitals, and mental asylums— a genre of modern adventure commonly known as “urban exploration.”

Ubisoft, likely impressed by Josh’s journeys into places like Chernobyl, tapped the creator’s niche popularity and appeal. The resulting 10-minute film features Josh and fellow explorer John Yurei as members of a REACT unit, tasked with extracting a fallen comrade. Most of the film takes place within a lightless naval ship; according to the comments section, the vessel may be the USS Salem, once made into a museum but apparently closed.

We Snuck Inside Abandoned Military Ship | Encountered Aliens

Extraction’s official cinematic reveal is even included in the film’s storyline, which is centered around the alien parasite’s foreboding presence on the ship, and the whereabouts of an injured operator. Where the explorers’ acting abilities shine is in their portrayals of succumbing to the parasite in question; if this film is anything to go off of, the canonical effects of the Chimera parasite infection may include sudden dizziness, fatigue, and extreme respiratory distress, in addition to the garish black patches and growths upon victims’ skin. 

Overall, both Rainbow Six Extraction’s and urban explorers’ desolate, creepy content mix well together.

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