Ubisoft & HitREcord Want Your Music In Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft & HitREcord are teaming up to give people the opportunity to have their music in Watch Dogs: Legion. Successful contributors will receive payment for their work & the accolade of being in a AAA game. Watch Dogs: Legion releases March 6th, 2020.
WD: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft has teamed up with HitREcord once again to offer all fans & budding musicians a chance to have their music included in Ubisoft’s third instalment in the Watch Dogs series, Watch Dogs: Legion. HitREcord, founded by the actor & artist, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s is also working on Ubisoft’s other big project, Beyond Good & Evil 2 in a collaborative effort, to provide art for the game. Watch Dogs: Legion is Set in a near future London where Brexit has taken its toll on the capital. Traditional government has broken down and a private origination with a totalitarian bent, has been installed to keep the peace.

Ubisoft, through the Watch Dogs: Legion website, put out the call to anyone looking to prove their musical chops, saying…

Thanks to our partnership with HitRECord, our talented Watch Dogs fans and the HitRECord community have the opportunity to participate together in the creation of the musical landscape for our open world version of London.Whether you’re a musical composer, writer, singer, player, or someone with big ideas and a lot of passion… we are super excited to hear your music composition. You can get started right away! Click below and begin collaborating with other HitRECord and Watch Dogs musicians, players, as well as fans from all around the world on the Watch Dogs: Legion Production Page. MAKE YOUR MARK!

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion – Welcome to London

HitREcord confirmed that those who make the final cut will receive financal compensation of up to $2000 (£1,600) spilt between all those who took part in the creation of the successful tracks. There is one guideline that possible contributors should be aware of. HitREcord is looking for songs that fit the themes of Aggressive grim punk & teasing funk pop. Successful contributors will receive payment by January 2020.

Watch Dogs Legion - E3 2019 World Premiere Trailer | PS4

Watch Dogs: Legion releases March 6th, 2020 & is available to pre-order for PS4, Xbox one and PC.

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