Ubisoft Takes First Step to Combat Abuse Allegations

Ubisoft has finally taken action after posting a blog article saying that they're investigating recent accusations towards certain Ubisoft team members. It seems that Ubisoft has taken the first step by placing two of their executives on administrative leave: Tommy François and Maxime Béland.

Ubisoft Takes First Step to Combat Abuse Allegations Cover

After a number of sexual harassment and abuse accusations have emerged, Ubisoft released a blog post. This blog post is an update about the steps they’re going to take. Following this, recent reports say that Ubisoft has taken action and placed two of their executives on administrative leave. They are Tommy François and Maxime Béland. Both have received multiple claims from different Twitter posts about their misconduct.

It seems that Ubisoft is really taking these reports seriously. Earlier this week, Ubisoft has been reported to be “deeply concerned” regarding these accusations. It also seems that Ubisoft has started to assemble an internal group with the sole purpose of “coming up with better solutions and tools to detect, report, and resolve any incident or serious problem without delay” according to Jason Schreier’s tweet:

Earlier this week, Ubisoft has posted in their internal network, called Mana:

Ubisoft Internal Network Post

Ubisoft Internal Network Post

Jason Schreier has also posted this Mana excerpt on his Twitter. According to him, the comments on this internal network post hasn’t been positive. The employees have been voicing their dissatisfaction about Ubisoft’s way of handling the reports. Some have even pointed out that the accusations that have exploded on social media were reported to the HR rep years ago.

Aside from the two higher-ups, Ubisoft has also suspended people from the lower side of the corporate ladder. Recently, these allegations have risen out of nowhere and made waves on social media. Twitch has also taken action, banning Dr. Disrespect permanently from their platform. Other game development companies, like Insomniac Games, have started to take action as well.

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