Two Point Hospital is Going Off the Grid in New DLC

Two Point Hospital has introduced us to a winter wonderland in Bigfoot, tropical environments in Pebberley Island, and alien life in Close Encounters. The next in the collection is set to focus on eco-friendly aspects and yet more hilarious antics. Wipe down those solar panels and put on your overalls. We are going off the grid in the new Two Point Hospital DLC.

Two Point Hospital is Going Off the Grid in New DLC

Since it’s release in 2018, Two Point Hospital has delighted city-builder fans with its wit and eccentric nature, and it’s about to get a hefty upgrade in the next DLC. Aimed at the eco-friendly amongst us, Off the Grid will bring us new hospitals, new items, and new illnesses for us to cure themed around nature and ecology.

Have you ever dreamed of running an eco-friendly hospital in a GIANT Eco City!? How about becoming a botany pro, and growing your own food for patients who don’t want to eat Cheesey Gubbins? No? Well.. it’s quite a specific dream I suppose, but now we’ve told you, you want to do it right?

New Hospitals

Wanderoff County Park: Wanderoff County Park is a nature commune, concerned with organic treatments. This hospital differs from the others as instead of solid buildings, we have tents and campfires to keep things running. Due to this, Wanderoff County Park relies heavily on the Wellness Scoring system for its income.

There are new hospitals to build, illnesses to cure, and items to use in the new Two Point Hospital DLC.

There are new hospitals to build, illnesses to cure, and items to use in the new Two Point Hospital DLC.

Old Newpoint: Old Newpoint is a hospital based in ‘the original settlement in the current era of Two Point County’. While holding on to traditional values, this hospital favours herbal treatments and even has its own herb gardens to treat those with more serious illnesses.

Windsock City: Windsock City is a hospital of the future, built in an eco-city and powered by green energy. With only green machines to rely on, you will have to build a wind turbine, solar panels, or hydro-dams to maintain the power in your hospital. The power accumulated by these machines can be used to open rooms, or be put towards transport flowing in and out of Windsock City.

New Illnesses

Off the Grid will include visual illnesses like Harebrained, Root Snoot, Green Fingers, Ramshackled, and Perforated Thoughts, and non-visual illnesses like Bodily Druids, Flappy Hamper, Tenderbox, and more for us to cure.

New Items

As well as new hospitals and illnesses, Off the Grid will introduce brand new eco-friendly items like ‘a fetching rainwater collector, a door between dimensions and what can only be described as one of the best butter churners in videogames’.

Off the Grid will be available on PC (Steam) on 18 March 2020, and requires Two Point Hospital to play. Want to see what we thought of the base game? Check out our Two Point Hospital review!

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