Turok Nintendo 64 remasters coming to the Switch

Two classic N64 first person shooters are coming to the Switch! Turok Dinosaur Hunter will be be released March 18th. Following that is Turok: Seeds of Evil which will be released at a later date.

Turok N64 remasters coming to the Switch
Turok is a classic first person shooter that was generally considered to be at it's peak during the Nintendo 64 era of video games.  It was about a fictional native american warrior named Turok, who had to collect pieces of a powerful weapon called the Chronoscepter, to defeat the evil Campaigner. The first game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is less than a month away, and will be released on the Nintendo E-shop on March 18th.

The sequel, Seeds of Evil, was also confirmed to be coming as a port however no date was given yet. These ports are being developed by Nightdive Studios who are currently known for creating the System Shock remake. It's said and also shown in the trailers, that they're updating the games with both graphical and lighting upgrades, as well as level design improvements.

While Turok may not be as relevent today, for the time it was an intense and revolutionary first person shooter that helped pushed the genre forward to where it is today. It was also a unique title for Nintendo's library that showed they do make games for everyone and not just a younger crowd. It's great to see that Nintendo can still embrace that, and show appreciation towards it's lesser known mature classics. The games will both cost 20 USD each.

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