Total War: Warhammer gets new battlemaps and wizards

Finally learning how to take a hint, Creative Assembly has promised 11 free maps and two new Legendary Lords to come alongside Update 5 of Total War: Warhammer. Now all of this is free for use in multiplayer and custom battles as well as the campaign map but some are tied to specific missions. You can download this 'Free-LC' (their word not mine) tomorrow, December 8th.

Total War: Warhammer gets new battlemaps and wizards
I would like to ask the more observant reader to Ignore the fact that this new content is being referred to as Free-LC, because this isn't really the time or the place to bring up Creative Assembly's long and unpleasant history with paid content but I will say that this is a much needed and very appreciated change from the way we've seen them operate in previous years.

This update brings 11 new maps free and two new Legendary Lords: the Grey Wizard and the Jade Wizard. These maps will be available for multiplayer and custom battles as well as scattered around the world map for use in your Total War: Warhammer campaign. Some of these battle maps are now linked to special campaign missions and as such wont be seen unless you're in a custom battle or you're going through a game as a specific faction, say the Wood Elves, for example.

I highly advise that you go and watch the video because these maps do actually look quite good and will make a fine addition to the game. You will learn a little bit about the Grey Wizard and the Jade Wizard  and their specific play styles. Now if you want these guys you do have to go to the Steam page and download them yourself. But you wont be able to download them until December 8th. You can find them here and here respectively.

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