Total War Saga: Troy Coming In 2020

Creative Assembly has announced Total War Saga: Troy. Players will control legendary generals & mythical units, on a campaign map inspired by Grecian art. Total War Saga: Troy is set to release in 2020.

Creative assembly lays siege to your PC in Total War Saga: Troy

Total War Saga: Troy lays siege to your PC

Creative Assembly has officially announced that the siege of Troy will act as the next location in the Total War Saga series. The saga series allows Creative Assembly to focus of specific periods in history; in this case, the war between Troy & Greece, as told in Homers Iliad. Total War Saga: Troy was initially leaked in a trademark filling, back in August.

In Total War Saga: Troy, you’ll Take control of legendary generals like Achilles & Hector. History is malleable in the Total War series and will change depending on how you play. Each leader has their own play-style, for example, Hector (leader of Troy) due to his strategic position, is a defensive hero. This allows him more time to plan his next move, compared to Achilles fondness for quick decision making. These advantages have their shortcomings also. Achilles fiery temper will negatively effect his diplomacy with other leaders. Hector may have a defensive advantage, but if he fails to successfully complete task for family members, his overall progression will be effected. 

Total War Saga: Troy features mythical units, inspired by mythical monsters like the Minotaur

Total War Saga: Troy features mythical units, inspired by mythical monsters like the Minotaur

According to Creative Assembly, much of the RTS units will be infantry based, so horse units won’t make much on an appearance in Troy (apart from a large wooden one perhaps?). To make up for the loss of cavalry units, Troy adds “mythical units”, that utilises the myriad of mythical monsters found in Greek mythology, like the Minotaur. These units feature men adorned in cow skin, with bull skulls on their heads. This monstrous appearance is used to instill fear in the hearts of the other units on the battlefield.

The release of Total War Saga: Troy is just one of several projects Creative Assembly is working on. We reported in August on the developers recent partnership with a major player in the Chinese gaming market, to bring a new collectable card game, as well as main instalments in the RTS series like Total War: Three Kingdoms. 

Total War Saga: Troy is being developed by Creative Assemblies new studio in Sofia, Bulgaria; the game is set to release on PC in 2020. If you disparately need some RTS action in your life, you can pick up the latest entry in the saga series, Thrones of Britannia on PC

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