Fans Review-Bomb Total War Games Following Three Kingdoms’ End of Support Announcement

Fans are not happy following Creative Assembly's announcement of the company ending support for Total War: Three Kingdoms. In protest, many of them have begun to review-bomb not only Three Kingdoms but other games and DLCs such as Total War: Warhammer II.

Fans Review-Bomb Total War Games Following Three Kingdoms' End of Support Announcement coverFollowing last week’s announcement of Creative Assembly stating it would be ending support for Total War: Three Kingdoms, fans of the game have begun to review-bomb the series en masse on Steam. 

Despite being the best-selling game in the series, the DLC for the title didn’t perform to Creative Assembly’s expectations. Many of the DLCs, such as Eight Princes or Mandate of Heavenreceived mixed reviews and achieved low sales. All of this culminated in the studio abandoning the game and focusing on making a new game that’s based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel

Fans of the game have been very vocal about their discontent with the situation and have begun review-bombing the Total War series on Steam in protest. As of the time of writing, Total War: Three Kingdoms has 6,278 recent reviews that are “Overwhelmingly Negative”. Total War: Warhammer II has 1,402 recent reviews at being 80% positive, despite all reviews clocking in at 93%. 

Three Kingdoms’ fanbase also believes the game is nowhere near finished, with the lack of any chapter packs or DLCs set during the actual formation of the titular Three Kingdoms. The game is also still notoriously buggy despite Creative Assembly’s final 1.7.1 patch of the game.

It is currently unknown what Creative Assembly’s plans are for their new game based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. 

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