Total War: ARENA – Ep. 1 of Developer Diaries Series is out

New Total War: ARENA Developer Diaries Series. Get an exclusive look at what’s coming to Total War: ARENA

Total War: ARENA - Ep. 1 of Developer Diaries Series is out

January 27, 2016

Creative Assembly have been hard at work on their historical team-based tactical free-to-play game, Total War: ARENA. This new Developer Diaries series looks at the game’s ongoing development and what players can expect in upcoming updates.

Total War: ARENA - Developer Diaries #1

In the very first episode of Developer Diaries, players can learn about how Creative Assembly and Wargaming Alliance are working together, as well as get updates on the Alpha period, game mechanic tweaks, and see what’s on the horizon.

The Creative Assembly and Wargaming Alliance’s partnership has allowed both companies to build on their wealth of experience creating quality games, so new players and hardcore fans will be in for a treat when they hit the battlefield.

To register for updates please visit the official website.

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