Top Desktop Gaming Apps to Choose From

The advent of faster and more reliable internet and the subsequent boom in online gaming are in large part to thank for the growth that the industry has experienced in recent years. With more and more people joining the ranks of the gaming community worldwide, developers have turned to desktop gaming apps to provide fans with a comprehensive and neat experience. If you are new to the game – so to speak – here are three great choices to get started.

Top Desktop Gaming Apps to Choose From

Kartridge: An Indie Gaming Heaven

Kongregate hardly needs an introduction for gaming enthusiasts. The gaming web portal that has been offering quality PC and mobile games for over a decade now has thousands of games in store. Last November, the company introduced us to Kartridge, a new digital storefront that is also available via a dedicated desktop app. What is so exciting about Kartridge? The idea behind it is a complete focus on indie games. For this reason, the storefront undergoes meticulous curation, so that it can help independent developers get their games discovered by a wider audience.

The platform launched in open beta and already showcases hundreds of games as well as community features like chat and reward systems. By completing different levels, quests or earning badges, gamers can get access to tokens that can be redeemed against premium games. The beta version features more than 250 titles across roughly 100 developers, including favorites like West of Loathing, Speed Brawl and Kingdom: New Lands. The desktop app is available both on Windows and macOS.

Plarium Play: Perfect for MMO Strategy Enthusiasts

Plarium is well-known for having invested their heart and soul into producing some top-notch epic strategy games. With an experience that dates back to 2009 when the company was founded, ever since their top hit Total Domination they have specialized in creating history-inspired MMO gaming titles that are free-to-play. Understanding the need for smooth and functional desktop games, they have launched Plarium Play, a comprehensive desktop gaming app available for both macOS and Windows 7 and above.

Top Desktop Gaming Apps to Choose From. Plarium Play Through one simple login, the player has access to their entire gaming library across both mobile and browser-based titles. Besides Total Domination, this includes their top hit Vikings: War of Clans, which takes the player back to the era of Norse rule, as well as military strategy game Soldiers Inc., fantasy-inspired Stormfall with a Middle Ages twist, Sparta: War of Empire set in Ancient Greece, and more. The app also includes automatic game updates.

Origin: With EA’s Stamp of Approval

Origin is the dedicated gaming platform developed by Electronic Arts, the company behind beloved titles such as Medal of Honor, Battlefield, The Sims, and the FIFA franchise. All these titles and more are featured on the platform, which is also available through its very own desktop app for Windows or macOS. There is also a Premier account option, while the platform offers nice features such as offline mode, chat, Twitch streaming, and perks for members.

Top Desktop Gaming Apps to Choose From. EA Origin
Whether you are into indie gaming, hardcore MMO strategy titles, or just want to revisit an old classic like The Sims, there is a desktop gaming app out there that has you covered!

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