Top 10 Moments of The Game Awards 2018

The Oscars are almost obsolete! For the fifth year in a row, our Lord and saviour, Geoff Keighley, has given us an incredible Award show that doubles as a loving tribute to everything in the gaming industry. Including incredible world premieres, performances and of course, awards, we had some fantastic moments.

Top 10 Moments of The Game Awards 2018

10. Far Cry New Dawn

Not the Far Cry 6 some were hoping for but getting a spin-off that's essentially Far Cry Mad Max is just as good. Following the ending of Far Cry 5, the world is a lawless dystopia, with brutal ashen-haired bandit twins, Mickey and Lou as your antagonists. Equipped with more batshit crazy weapons (a razor blade gun) and your new pet dog and boar at your side, it looks like your aim is to take back Hope County, all set in this pink, slightly radioactive world. It looks to be a new definition of an insane thrill ride.

Not to mention the end of the trailer is definitely a treat for those who've played to the end of Far Cry 5.

9. Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 – Official Announce Trailer

Mortal Kombat series co-creator, Ed Boon, stood up to present the award for Best Sports/Racing Game but before the nominees could be read, it turned out to be a fakeout leading to an unexpected annoucement trailer.

Nothing beats an epic cinematic fight for a video game. After spending a few years making some great Injustice games, NetherRealm Studios are back hitting with the gore hard in their definitive franchise. The soundtrack used was a little cheesy but seeing a new bloody fest brawl between Raiden and Scorpion was a feast for the eyes.

8. Crash Racing 

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled World Premiere Trailer

A remake of 1999's Crash Team Racing for the PlayStation, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, has been given an announcement trailer.

Following a delightful bit with Geoff Keighly opening a gifted crate containg a racing trophy from Crash himself on stage, it was a gorgeous site to see the racing classic back in graphics remade from the groundup. Arriving on June 21st 2019 on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox One, the Switch exclusive, Mario Kart, could be given a run for it's player base.

7. The Outer worlds

The Outer Worlds World Premiere Trailer | The Game Awards 2018

An unexpected new franchise that could get the hype train going for 2019, it's a surprise RPG from the makers of Fallout: New Vegas. Directed by two creators of the original Fallout game, The Outer Worlds looks like a perfect cocktail mix of the post apocalyptic franchise with No Man's Sky. 

Being a colourful, witty and fun single player RPG, The Outerworlds was a refreshing dose of irony given the current multiplayer mess that is Fallout 76.  

6. Read it, Boy!

READ IT BOY - BEST MOMENT of The Game Awards 2018 and Content Creator of the Year announcement!

It's an understatement when saying that God of War is universally loved, which in turn is the same for the two iconic leads that voiced the father-son duo of Kratos and Atreus, Christopher Judge and Sunny Juljic.

When appearing on stage to reveal the winner of the award for Best Content Creator, it gave way for a brilliant Kratos moment. Only watching the clip above will do it justice. While it may have been scripted, it's one we'll look back on smiling for the next few years.

5. Anything by the Game Awards Orchestra

The fifth year of the awards was especially significant. One reason being that The Game Awards Orchestra was back to not only debut the new theme music for the awards, but it's array of gaming-themed performances pulled all of the feels in honoring the magnificent nominees.

The standout was of course The Game of the Year performance.

4. Sonicfox best esports player speech

SonicFox Wins Best Esports Player at The Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards is often filled with instances that define why internet-based awards transcend it's outdated televised counterparts. For 2018, the biggest example would be the new Best Esports Player, SonicFox accepting his award.

Proudly donning his furry outfit, the Esports icon went into full swing of overcoming his nerves to express the pure joy he felt in the moment. His passion for gaming and competing, as well as the love he holds for his fellow LGBT community members rubbed off on everyone in the studio and Twitter alike. Also, his shot fired at Republicans is pure gold.

3. Persona 5's Joker in SMash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Persona 5 World Premiere Trailer

As Geoff kept saying, we really didn't see it coming! In a classic Keighley troll, all of the lights suddenly go out, making many think for a second there was a power cut. Without much delay, the "Take Your Heart" logo from Persona 5 popping up, Joker suddenly appearing on screen, featuring the full voice cast of the Phantom Thieves, built up to the best surprise invitation ever: Joker being in Smash!

Nintendo of America head, Reggie Fils-Aime, was sure to clarify after that like Joker, all other DLC characters to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be those normally not associated with Nintendo.

Bring on Goku!

2. The Big Three on stage together

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Executives Come Together - The Game Awards 2018

It's safe to say the awards started on a high, one that Geoff Keighly had been working towards ever since he started The Game Awards.

The holy trinity of gaming; the three heads of the big three gaming companies, Shawn Layden of PlayStation, Phil Spencer of Xbox and Reggie Fils-Amie of Nintendo, came together to give their unified blessing to these awards and confess their love for the gaming medium. Whilst each's own unique way of speech-giving clashed, it made us adore them and this show all the more.

Here's to Geoff for bringing the three biggest figures in the industry together.

1. Game of the year: God of war

God of War Wins Game of the Year | The Game Awards 2018

It was looking to be more like the Red Dead Redemption awards. Despite God of War winning Best Game Direction and Best Action/Adventure Game, the opposing Western RPG cleaned up the awards winning in Best Narrative, Best Score/Music, Best Audio Design and Best Performance. Many were predicting lovers of the cowboy adventure were going to outvote those supporting the epic tale of Kratos and Atreus, due to having a larger player base and being freshingly more recent in everyone's minds.

Hearing "God of War" declared by Vice President of Blizzard, Geoff Kaplin, to be Game of the Year felt like the triumphant outcome of a classic underdog story. With fans and those in the industry knowing the struggles Sony Santa Monica went through during production, along with the immense anxiousness creative director, Cory Barlog, felt waiting for the review scores to come out, this was truly a moment of victory that never felt more deserved.

The greatest honour in gaming for one of the medium's most finely crafted masterpieces. 

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