Titanfall 2 Player Count Reinvigorated Thanks To PS Plus

Titanfall 2 is currently enjoying something of a reincarnation on PlayStation 4. If you never had a chance to pick the game up, now is the best time. With multiplayer lobbies teeming once again with eager pilots ready to drop, Titanfall 2 is finally getting the love it always deserved.

Titanfall 2 Player Count Reinvigorated Thanks To PS Plus

Titanfall 2 and its loyal player count held on valiantly after its release in 2016. Those who stuck around (myself included) appreciated some incredible multiplayer. We appreciated the flow of a match going from pilot to titan. We had honed our movement skills to incredible levels. After a couple of free content drops the players began to dwindle. Eventually, we’d end up seeing the same nametags match after match. Never a good sign with an online shooter. We’ve all experienced this before. Until one day, that lobby wait time just takes too long and the exodus of players begins to snowball. Good ol’ PS Plus has given us renewed hope, however. In fact, I was such an avid fan that, almost two years ago, I wrote the following in a gushing article about Titanfall 2:

Back in the day, the underpinning reason any of us played the older Halos was for their multiplayer experiences. The formulae of gameplay, weapon and movement systems added up to a totally unpredictable match each time. It also ended up in some incredibly jammy moments of glory. That gave the older titles  life for a very very long time. The same formulae are here in Titanfall 2. Jumping, twitchy combat. Hijacking of enemy titans, slide kills, executions. Hell, in the best case scenario, you could detonate your Titan, kill several foes, eject to fly sky high, snipe several more and perform an execution shortly after landing, all in the space of five seconds. 
Titanfall 2 Still Deserves Your Attention - Pilot execution
When randomly generated moments like this take shape, Titanfall 2 really shines. These moments take shape again and again, hitting you constantly with a satisfying, organic gameplay loop every time you play. As a result, it doesn’t take long to understand how the mechanics of this game need never be changed.”

A beady eyed fan by the name of Juniper Sniper couldn’t help sharing the news. The player, who had stuck around this whole time noticed the Titanfall 2 player count had fallen to 1,500 on a good day. Now, Titanfall 2 is back on top form with player count now just under 70,000. Certainly a fantastic piece of news for fans that previously gave up on those long lobby wait times. Better still, if you no longer own the game, you can grab it for free this month with PS Plus. 

Titanfall 2 - E3 2016 Official Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Titanfall 2 is the work of Vince Zampella. A name you may recognise as his latest product to hit the shelves is Jedi: Fallen Order. Prior to leading Titanfall projects, Zampella worked with Infinity Ward on various Call of Duty titles. So you can be sure to let yourself in for some tight first person mechanics. It got serious critical and commercial recognition for its smooth movement mechanics, unforgettable campaign and high skill ceiling multiplayer. Sadly, EA deigned to release it a week prior to Battlefield 1, and so the game went under the radar for many. Now is your chance to hop in and see just how that cult following came to be. If anything, this gives non Battle Royale fans hope. With a renewed interest in the franchise, perhaps a third could be on the cards? 

So what are you waiting for? Jump on board, Pilot, and download Titanfall 2 for free on PS4 right now!

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