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TinyWars – new prototype drastically changes the game

The TinyWars gameplay prototype has received its final update, bringing about updated visuals, difficulty and a special re-launch trailer to mark the same. Enhanced character attack, upgrade and particle effects serve to graphically improve the prototype experience, while overall gameplay difficulty has been reduced significantly in favor of user accessibility.

TinyWars - new prototype drastically changes the game
Released for Windows PC and Android devices in the month of December, last year, the TinyWars Prototype is a crude, functional demonstration of the game’s tower defense engine. Serving to keep fans engaged in its development, it has also been providing the developers with valuable feedback pertinent to development of the full TinyWars experience.

"Many of our early players noted that the prototype was extremely difficult, although this did lead to some very interesting playthrough videos on Youtube," states Lead Developer Andrew Taraba. "We didn’t feel like we were doing any good to potential new fans by making the game practically impossible to beat."

The New Update is Here video for TinyWars:

Players might note that character animations within the prototype are still incomplete, given as the developers have opted to move focus to the main game’s production instead.

"Having our character animations hand-drawn, frame by frame, is a very time consuming project," continues Taraba. "But it does allow us to create animations and characters that we feel are more alive and fluid. Rest assured, we will be including complete character animations in the upcoming story-demo of the main game."

TinyWars - new prototype drastically changes the game
Due for a release sometime this year, the story-demo will be a vertical slice of the full TinyWars experience, featuring finished animations, enhanced controls, story/narrative cut-scenes and the implementation of its first four narrative chapters.With production of the same having officially begun mid-December, the team has since been involved in developing its visual theme, menus and other related assets.Nearly all of the refined, updated gameplay mechanics from the prototype will translate over to the story-demo and main game.

"Players can get a taste of what the full TinyWars experience will seem like in our prototype Re-Launch trailer," affirms Taraba. "It features some of the best music and visuals that we have gathered over years of working on this project."

The updated TinyWars prototype may be downloaded now for Windows PC and Android devices via the Downloads section of the game’s website.

TinyWars - new prototype drastically changes the game

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