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TinyWars – Closed Beta, Public talk, and Art contest news

TinyWars Now Accepting Closed Beta Applications, Dev’s Talk Public Response & Fan Art Contest.

TinyWars - Closed Beta, Public talk, and Fan Art contest news
31st August 2016, Higher Eclectic Ground – Development of TinyWars' upcoming demo has progressed a significant bit since the last announcement of it reaching 30% completion, the team at Bizurk reports this week.

"We estimate 30% completion based on the fact that we have done 5 out of the 15 waves that will be in the demo," Lead Developer Andrew Taraba had stated on the 9th of August. "The content of the waves has been planned out, but they have not been coded into the demo yet. What sounds awesome on paper can often need a lot more tweaking when put into the game."

TinyWars - Closed Beta, Public talk, and Fan Art contest news. Character wall scrolls
Since then, the demo has seen a complete implementation of the 'Tiny War' levels — periodic occurrences wherein 'Dark Magic' takes over, levels switch to darker variations of their selves and players are prohibited from using the 'Retry Wave' feature for a pre-determined number of waves.

As demonstrated in the gameplay preview of August 9th, failure in any one of the Dark Magic waves forces players to restart from the beginning of a Tiny War. With the demo's Tiny War consuming up to 6 levels then, the total number of implemented levels has now reached a wholesome 11 of 15.

TinyWars - Closed Beta, Public talk, and Fan Art contest news. Character wall scrolls
While focus also bounces between rendering incomplete animations and bug-fixing, Taraba also makes it a point to address several concerns brought up by the game's social media following that are inclusive of – Criticisms of level design being too small, the color palette being over-saturated, enemies appearing to be silly and overcrowded gameplay.

Reiterating that the upcoming demo is meant to only serve as a means to develop the main game's engine while offering a prototype for public consumption, he writes — '"For the second demo that will actually be representational of the game in 2017, of course, perfection is our aim. For the upcoming demo/prototype though, a combination of releasing something into the wild and sprucing it up as much as possible is what is considered."
"It is being created specifically for the purposes of gameplay mechanics only, with all gathered user feedback going towards the development of the main game. One should not be too concerned about things that might include: incomplete animations, non- uniform color scheme and so forth for now."

TinyWars - Closed Beta, Public talk, and Fan Art contest news. Character wall scrolls
The upcoming TinyWars prototype/first demo will be entering a period of closed beta testing over the course of September-October, with the team already accepting applications via its Facebook page.

Finally, as a prelude to the demo itself as well as a token of gratitude towards its growing community of anime artists, Bizurk is currently organizing a DeviantArt based TinyWars Fan-Art Contest till midnight of September the 12th this year.

Up to four winning categories have been allotted, with their respective winners being granted one of TinyWars' official limited edition character wall scrolls shown in the article.

TinyWars - Closed Beta, Public talk, and Fan Art contest news. DeviantArt Fan Art Contest
Participants are invited to send in an unlimited number of entries as long as they are restricted to one per day and are directly related to the game's character base itself. For a complete set of rules and regulations, visit the competition's official DeviantArt page.

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