TinyWars – anime Tower Defense has its demo 30% complete

Developers Bizurk Software debut their most comprehensive demonstration of the upcoming Tower Defence game’s prototype yet.

TinyWars - anime Tower Defense has its demo 30% complete
'We estimate 30% completion based on the fact that we have done 5 out of the 15 waves that will be in the demo,' states Lead Developer at Bizurk Software, Andrew Taraba. The Taracore Enterprises LLC owned subsidiary has confirmed that its upcoming PC, iOS and Android based Tower Defence game TinyWars is indeed past 30% completion.

'The content of the waves has been planned out, but they have not been coded into the demo yet. What sounds awesome on paper can often need a lot more tweaking when put into the game. ' The team at Bizurk has further gone on to debut fans & followers’ first detailed look at the progress of the demo by means of a gameplay video: 

Said video commences with the player making use of the Witch Summoning feature – calling upon a Fire unit and placing them on one of the available objects/towers. The goal here lies in preventing enemies from reaching protagonist Mary's tower on the left-hand side of the level.

Interaction with players takes place by means of in-game dialogue based cut-scenes, which Taraba discloses have been rendered on separate video editing software altogether rather than on core game development tools.

'We make cut-scenes first in the video editing software, watch it and make sure everything matches and is readable,' he states. 'Then we paste a "frame counter" in the video and follow that frame count to time everything in the game.' A short demonstration of how these cut-scenes are timed can be seen below:

About TinyWars

In its current status, the game continues to have its levels, character roster, and gameplay mechanics fleshed out ahead of a late-Q4 2016 public gameplay demo release. Comprising of a portion of TinyWars’ soundtrack and early concept art meanwhile, a pre-gameplay demo is also available for download.

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