TinyBuild’s New Tycoon Sim, Start-Up Panic Released Today

TinyBuild and Algorocks are teaming up to bring the new tycoon simulator Start-Up Panic. Quit you boring job and start your own company, making it grow from your bedroom office into a full grown enterprise. Who know just how big you can get? Assuming you can survive the ruthless business world, that is.

TinyBuild and Algorocks’ newly released Tycoon simulator Start-Up Panic can be found from this moment on the Epic Games Store for PC, as well as IOS and Android.

Start-Up Panic is a customisable tech-business management simulator in which you’ll get the chance to make an idea grow into a reality by managing a team, getting customer through any means necessary and even sabotaging your competitors. Of course you and your team may not be exempt of suffering the same attempts to thwart your business. 

Navigate the expansive business customization tree at the same time you expand you business on the huge world map in an attempt to branch out and make it all work somehow. You will have to change and adapt as the ever-changing market fluctuates to avoid being left out on a whim. 

The game ends when you reach one of 7 possible endings, which include from becoming the president at an established company spawned by your start-up or even, somehow, setting up a colony in Mars. 

In Algorocks founder and CEO’s own words:

…the risk of employee poaching, and many other game mechanics are all inspired by my real-life experiences as a founder. (…) At its core, Startup Panic is a simulation game, but its depth and personality are what makes it shine.

Startup Panic — Release Trailer | PC, IOS, Android

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