This Halo Mod Looks Like an Official Game

If you haven't been the biggest fan of the recent Halo games, this mod might be the game that'll remind you what made the earlier installments special and why you became attached to the series in the first place. Designed for the die-hard fans and made by die-hard fans.

This Halo Mod Looks Like An Official Game

Halo Reborn is what it’s titled and a passion project developed by longtime fans. It is a mod based on the Halo 3‘s engine and a re-telling of the original trilogy.

The mod is designed to be a continuous experience for immersion purposes. All three games bundled in a playthrough.

The gameplay video is about six minutes long and is taken one the earlier campaign missions of the original game. Players will notice there is a sense of familiarity compared to the old version, but it is also completely new geometry.

Outside of that, the core gameplay is very reminiscent to Bungie’s Halo titles.

This is not the first time when a group of fanatic modders reimagined Bungie’s Halo campaigns. SPV3 for Halo CE is a well known one among the original game’s mod scene and it included new content, visuals, and a remastered soundtrack to make it feel like a brand new experience.

Fans have been able to mod Halo 3 from the Halo: The Master Chief Collection compilation since last year. Throughout the years, the community has made various sorts of levels for that is exclusively on the PC platform.

This is a glimpse of what fans can expect the mod, but the developers have stated there is a chance that cut content may make it to the final version. If the cut content does return, fans may be able to experience the original vison of Halo 2 when Bungie was developing it.

There has been no release date confirmed, but the developers do plan on releasing playable builds if fans want to play it for themselves.

Halo Reborn Gameplay Reveal Preview

SOURCE: Halo Reborn’s Moddb Page

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