They Always Run Set to Release on October 20

They Always Run, a western-themed 2D Action-Adventure game is currently in the works by Russian developers Alawar Premium. This game will have you playing as a three-armed bounty hunter and will be available on various Steam, GOG, and Epic Games on October 20.

They Always Run set to release on October 20 cover

Alawar Premium, the developers and publishers for the upcoming title They Always Run, announced that their project is slated to release next month on October 20. In this new game, players will take on the role of Aidan, the main protagonist. Aidan is a multi-limbed mutant who is a bounty hunter living in a western-themed world.

This news broke via a video on Alawar’s YouTube channel, which showcased an animation of They Always Run, as well as glimpses of gameplay. The footage also shows some of the settings featured in the game, which come in a variety of aesthetics, some of which are set to beautifully rendered backdrops.

They Always Run - Teaser Trailer

Join Aidan on his adventure where he will catch, slice, dice and obliterate different enemies to earn bounties. These bounties will pit him against some of the most dangerous and notorious criminals in the galaxy, but the payoff can be well worth it. Some bounties reward the player with money, while others will offer valuable information.

They Always Run offers a fast-paced action-packed adventure, much like other two-dimensional platformers including Mark of the Ninja, Katana Zero, and My Friend Pedro. Be sure to check it out when it releases on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games next month.

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