The Witcher 3 made $50m in just over a Year on Steam

It's no secret that The Witcher has been a big name in gaming and entertainment lately, with the Netflix series bringing renewed attention to the games, especially Wild Hunt. So much in fact, that The Witcher 3 sales have been skyrocketing, most notably on Steam.

The Witcher 3 made $50m in just over a Year on Steam

Developer, CD Projekt Red, have shared that in the period from October 2018 to the 20th of February 2020, Witcher 3 sales have exceeded $50 million on Steam alone. Being a period that’s 3 to almost 5 years after its launch on a single platform, that’s indeed an incredible feat. 

The icing on the money-flavoured cake is of course that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now qualifies for the highest tier on Steam’s revenue sharing agreement. Until a game makes its first $10 million in revenue, only 70% of that money goes to the developer while the rest goes to Valve, the company behind Steam. After that, said developer gets to keep 75%. Then, when reaching what would seem impossible for a smaller developer, hitting the $50 million mark means that 80% of subsequent Steam sales goes right back to those like CD Projekt Red. Hooray. 

Thanks to the popularity and acclaim of The Witcher Netflix series, this milestone for the game only seemed like a matter of time. Since being available for streaming from December 2019, Witcher 3 sales went up by 500%, becoming one of Steam’s best-selling games for that year, with further sales to Andrzej Sapkowski’s original book series.


The series’ confirmed second season has already started production for a 2021 release, so it’s definite we’ll be seeing lots more coins tossed to The Witcher 3 in the coming years. 

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