The Wild Eight is coming in Q1 2017

The Wild Eight, a co-op survival game full of mystery and danger, is coming in Q1 of 2017. The game tells the story of eight survivors stranded in the middle of an unforgiving Alaska.

The Wild Eight is coming Q1 2017
The Wild Eight is an unforgiving multiplayer survival game set in a stunning procedurally generated Alaska. Explore, hunt and craft shoulder-to-shoulder with friends or random players online. 

The Wild Eight is coming in Q1 of 2017!


  • Survive in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness of Alaska.
  • Beautiful low-poly environments.
  • Mysterious story line surrounding your plane crash.
  • Unique sound experience supporting the supernatural atmosphere.
  • Embark on on the wild adventure with your 7 friends.

With the updated release date here are some brand new screenshots from the game and gameplay overview. See how survivors struggle after the crash and hunt for the food. Exploration may lead them to peculiar findings and places, but if they venture even deeper in forests of Alaska, they may regret unearthing some secrets that will lead to discord among their ranks.

The Wild Eight — Gameplay Overview

And this is only the beginning. Something mysterious will appear in late December.

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