The Waylanders: Meet the Companions

While jumping between the war ravaging the Celtic lands and the streets of the Medieval era, The Waylanders will introduce us to a cast of companions, from a powerful Druid to a playful goblin, all with their own tales to tell. With the game coming to early access this Summer, it’s time to meet the team.

The Waylanders: Meet the Companions

Last month, I wrote an article about The Waylanders, an exciting new fantasy RPG inspired by Dragon Age that will see us travelling in time between a war in the Celtic kingdoms to the Medieval era where we are tasked with finding our companions. We will be able to interact with our companions to learn about their pasts, play loyalty missions, and romance them, but who do we have to choose from?

The Waylanders will go into Early Access in the summer on PC (Steam). 


Amergin is a Master Druid in the court of King Ith, where he works on restoring balance to their broken world. He built a reputation as a man of wit and charm, and is a respected authority on all matters magical and political, although immortals have a hard time in taking him seriously due to his young age. Raised away from the outside world, he was a promising student of the Mage’s College. He is sometimes seen as stubborn when it comes to views that conflict with his Celtic beliefs.


Berath is a professor, known for his calculative and analytical attitude. Beneath his aloof nature beats the heart of a kind man whose passion lies in crafting, cooking, and gardening. Handy with a bow, he is the most deadly man in any room. He is an immortal, who unlike many others of his kind, deals with his deathless life by appreciating the smaller moments. He suffers with depression, but handles it well with his calm attitude and acceptance of the cards he’s been dealt.

Amergin, a Druid in the court of King Ith, plays a prominent role in the Waylanders trailer, and is one of the companions we have to choose from.

Amergin, a Druid in the court of King Ith, plays a prominent role in the Waylanders trailer, and is one of the companions we have to choose from.


Delba is centuries old, but is one of the youngest of the Fomorians. At a young age, her mother disappeared, leading her into the human world where she became obsessed with their culture and way of life, so different from her lifestyle as the youngest daughter of the Fomorian king. She is incredibly tall, and most find her monstrous due to her appearance, but deep down she is a woman who enjoys telling the odd dirty joke and reveling in music. She is an optimistic soul who lives in hope that she can inspire the humans and Fomorians to live in a peaceful co-existence.


Heraklios is everything you’d expect of a young Greek mercenary. He loves basking in the glow of glory and fighting injustice, often getting himself in trouble in the process. Off the battlefield, he can come across as slightly awkward, but he is a kind-hearted soul who always means well. Brimming with bravado, he indulges in a love of beer, laughing, and terrible jokes. He enjoys telling stories of mythical legends to all, even those who don’t want to hear them. Despite the strong front and considerable skill, he suffers with imposter syndrome, believing that his achievements were down to luck, and his failures deserved. He dreams of one day being worthy of the glory he has been given.

Each companion in the Waylanders will have a set of skills suited to different enemies, so choose your companions wisely.

Each companion in the Waylanders will have a set of skills suited to different enemies, so choose your companions wisely.


Khaldun is the eldest daughter of a prominent family in Meroe, who was shipped off to Egypt when she was young and given the highest education in Alexandria. She is adept in speaking multiple languages, and knows all the Nubian and Egyptian deities off by heart. She wears the traditional clothing of her people as a mark of respect and pride in her culture, and is viewed as overly elegant by the Celts. Khaldun moved to Brigantia with Queen Escota and Prince Lugaid five years prior to the events of The Waylanders. Her powers lie in necromancy, a gift earned from her unshakable loyalty to the god Osiris. This belief does sometimes cause conflict with the more devout amongst the Celts.


Mal is a battle-hardened woman who is surrounded by death. She loves a fight, especially with dangerous beasts and monsters. She isn’t the most social of people, even going as far to ensure she smells like death to keep others at bay. After losing her eye in a fight with a monster, her husband, a Mourian, saved her by dripping magically-charged gold into her eye socket. This left her with the power to see how an individual died by placing one of their eyes into the empty socket. She can feel how they felt, and see what they saw in the moments before their death.

Build your skills and that of your companions to defeat your enemies.

Build your skills and that of your companions to defeat your enemies.


Rea is a Werewolf, just like the rest of her clan, cursed to live as a beast. With each new generation born to her people, their human nature wanes, surrendering to the wolf within. Rea was the first Werewolf to be born without the ability to speak. She walks on all fours like a wolf, but possesses an intellect and understanding similar to a human. She considers every option before making a decision, and prefers teamwork over working alone. Sometimes, she does lose her temper as she has much to say, but no way of communicating it. She hopes that the corruption that pollutes the land will one day be cured, and that the magic used to cure it will also grant her the ability to speak.


Brigg is the oldest of the non-immortal companions in our party. They were an accomplished commander in King Ith’s army, but retired to let their young protégée, Tiana, take over. They now act as her advisor.

Brigg was born in a modest village and ran away from home to join the army when they were in their teenage years. They are optimistic and honourable. While they partake in all things swords, fighting, and bloodshed, they still enjoy the delicate things in life, like helping the younger warriors make flower crowns. Brigg doesn’t like to converse about personal matters, and prefers her own company.


Trasté is a goblin from the coast, where the people there enjoy music and jokes above all. They are the youngest of the trasnos, and time means little to them. They are a natural-born prankster who loves to pull pranks on whoever they can. But they different from others of their kind; while their people do not care about the affair of other cultures, Trasté is fascinated by them and cares about them deeply.

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