The Waylanders: Discover the Celtic World

As the release date for The Waylanders approaches, Gato Studio are treating us to glimpses of the world and characters that will feature in the game. The recent updates have given us an insight into three of the starting locations we will be exploring, the voice actors bringing the key characters and our companions to life, and the character creation options.

The Waylanders: Discover the Celtic World.

With The Waylanders set to go into early access this summer, Gato Studio have begun releasing information about the world we will find ourselves in. Last month, we delved into the lives of our companions, and this month we have three starting locations, the voice actors, and the character creator to take a look at.


The game primarily takes place between the Celtic era and Medieval era, but it is with the Celts where our journey begins, in a region called Kaltia (what we now call Galicia in Spain). Last week, the first three starting locations were released: Brigantia, Dumbriga, and the Mourian Underworld.

Brigantia: Brigantia is the capital city, a coastal town in which King Ith and his court resides. People travel from far and wide to pass through the streets of Brigantia, making it the prefect place for trade and merchants. The city boasts a diverse society that celebrates the cultures and nationalities of its inhabitants. The Tower of Brigantia acts as a lighthouse to guide in visitors and traders from other lands, and as a symbol of the ancient races.

Discover the world of The Waylanders, including the Olympus of the Celts, rumoured to house the elder gods.

Discover the world of The Waylanders, including the Olympus of the Celts, rumoured to house the elder gods.

Dumbriga: Dumbriga is located to the south of the capital. It is here where the Druids attend university and hone their magic. The Olympus of the Celts lies here, and is rumoured to protect many of their elder gods. Due to this, it is forbidden to everyone but a select few Druids who possess great power.

Mourian Underworld: The Mourian Underworld is ‘a vast underground network of cities and towns that spans through Kaltia’. The architecture here is graceful and intricate, and gold like the Mourians themselves. There are towering doorways leading to the Mourian people, but they are heavily guarded.

Gato Studio released a video to show us some of the stunning locations we can look forward to:

The Waylanders - Celtic locations preview (work in progress)

Voice Actors

As well as giving us an insight into the extensive world that they have created, the developers have also introduced us to some of the voice actors who will be voicing key characters and our companions, and it’s quite an impressive list:

Simon Templeman – Amergin

Ash Sroka – Tiana

Ralph Ineson – King Ith

Amber Rose Revah – Nazhedja

Mark Ebulue – Lugaid

Felix Hayes – Taliesin

Hugh Quarshie – Tarlock

Rosalind Eleazar – Khaldun

Colin Salmon – Berath

Lisa Jacobs – Delba

The Waylanders - Voice Actors Cast revealed

Character Creation

Along with the reveal of three locations and the voice actors, we have also been treated to a glimpse of the character creation options. There are many different ways we can customise our character including their origins, appearance, stats, and identity:

The Waylanders - Character Creator preview

The Waylanders is coming to early access on PC (Steam) this summer.

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