The Wandering Village, New Game from Stray Fawn Studio Revealed

The Wandering Village, by Niche developer Stray Fawn Studios, is now officially revealed. Journey the dangerous world on top of a living, moving creature and build your city right there as well. Make sure your host remains alive and well while at the same time you strive to grow your city as much as possible.

The Wandering Village, New Game from Stray Fawn Studio Revealed

Stray Fawn Studios have officially revealed their new upcoming title: The Wandering Village, in which players will face the challenge of creating a settlement on top of a living, moving creature. 

The Wandering Village will launch into Early Access on PC at some point in the second half of 2021. The developers are also launching a Kickstarter campaign for whoever is interested in backing them while getting exclusive rewards for doing so. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 31 days only. 

The Wandering Village is essentially a city-building and resource management game with a twist. Having to build a city on the back of a moving creature will bring its own challenges. The creature will be able to roam freely and change your weather conditions as it wanders from one biome to the next. If you gain the trust of the creature, it may be willing to help you achieve a specific goal you may have. The relationship between the settlers and the beast is a symbiotic one. That alone adds an interesting dimension of difficulty to a genre that has been in constant evolution. 

For those players that enjoy games that are visually striking, The Wandering Village beautifully blends together 3D and 2D, hand-drawn graphics and animations. These 2D animations have a stark contrast with the 3D world around them and may prove to have an effective and long-lasting effect on the players. 

You can find out some more updates about The Wandering Village on Stray Fawn Studio’s Twitter, or by joining their Discord.

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